Stakesby School Lunches

Meals are prepared by our own kitchen staff or children can bring their own packed lunches to eat in the School Hall.


We offer ‘Family Service’ where children of all ages sit together in their own place with plates, cutlery and beakers. Older children take responsibility for each table, acting as ‘servers’ for the younger children and supporting them through the meal time.


Midday Supervisors assist all children with their meals and help to create a happy atmosphere at each mealtime. We try to ensure that all children eat sufficiently at lunchtime and we will contact you if we have any concerns.


We really appreciate it if dinner money is brought in on Mondays for the week. Even better if it is in a sealed envelope with the name(s) of child(ren), their class(es) and the total amount of money written on the front.  Parents/carers can also pay using our online facility, ParentPay. Just ask at the office for login details if you are interested.

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are now eligible to receive a free school meal.  However children in other year groups may be eligible to receive free school meals depending upon parents’ income - please ask for a form from the school office and apply - even if your child prefers packed lunch.  Some of our funding depends on the number of pupils eligible for free meals.

Packed Lunches

We are working hard to give our children the very best start in life. One way we can help to do this is by thinking about the food choices in children's packed lunches. Take a look at the guidance below on some ideas about packed lunches, as well as what we would expect to see in a Stakesby packed lunch.

Have a look at our guidance.

This booklet from the Schools Food Trust sets out a three-week packed lunch plan complete with recipes. It has been designed to provide all the healthy nutrition that growing children need.

This second booklet has more ideas for great and healthy packed lunches which are easy to make.

Latest News

20 September 2017

Puppet Workshop 20.09.2017

The whole school enjoyed a puppet workshop with David today. We learned puppet techniques like how to speak without moving our mouths and how to hold and move our puppets. We also watched a short puppet show. We all thought it was brilliant!
20 September 2017

What's happening at Stakesby- Autumn Term 2017

Please find below dates up to the end of this term. We hope you will find this useful to help you to plan your time for the term. If you do need any further information please just let us know.
18 July 2017

Sports Day/Race For Life!