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16 May 2019

Early Years

What a busy week.  We have been making fish for the Whitby FIsh and Ships Festival.  Why not go along to The Whitby Deli to have a look at them. Our topic this week is trains. We have been reading and listening to The Train Ride, and are now able to join in.  We have been mak...

16 May 2019


We had a fabulous time at Caedon College on Thursday doing 'Quad kids.' Thank you very much to Mr. Hopper for organizing this and to the Sports Leaders for running the events.  We took part in 10 different activities including shot-put, the howler, long jump and sprint.  The chi...

10 May 2019


'The Jolly Postman' has caused much excitement in Holly class this week.  He has been delivering a variety of post including a new catalogue for the children to order from (don't tell Mr Gunning!) We have been wizards and witches, and written an order form trying to persuade them...

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