Supporting your child at home

The best thing you can do to support your child is talk to them about what they're learning. Spend a short amount of time each day (around 10 minutes) listening to your child read, practise their spelling and times tables - and contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.


Below are some links to websites you may find useful.

Supporting Your Child At Home

Supporting Your Child's Mental Health

You will have heard a lot in the news about children's mental health. A recent study by the NHS indicated that as many as 4 children in a class of 30 could be living with serious emotional disorders. Worryingly, 80% of parents felt that they aren't as equipped to deal with  mental health issues as they would like to be.

In response to this, Action For Children and The Children's Society have collaborated to produce a guide to help families understand and offer thorough support if their children experience anxiety.

This link will take you to their website Expert Parent's Guide to Childhood Anxiety


Other Links:

Times Tables - Speed Test
How many times tables facts can you do in the shortest time?

Times Tables - Moon Maths
Another favourite to get speed in tables recall.

Hit the Button
A perennial favourite for learning times tables  or add/subtract facts - very effective and fun!

The School Run
A website for parents to help support their child's learning at home. This website has lots of useful advice and downloadable worksheets for you and your child to work through together.

Top Marks
Articles written by teachers to help parents support learning at home.

More Maths Sites:

A lovely interactive site with advice for parents as well as games and activities to use at home.

A range of inspiring and engaging maths activities and challenges

Interactive activities covering a range of mathematical concepts.

Free interactive Maths resources arranged in the different maths topic categories.

Full of maths games and activities.

Clear tutorials and explanations of all mathematical concepts

A range of interactive activities

Times Tables Games