This week we have been thinking about the characters in the 'Enormous Turnip' through hot seating.The children took on the role of a character and changed the characters reaction when they were asked to help.Liam took on the role of the mouse and when he was asked to help by the cat he said

                 " I'm too busy looking after my babies and eating cheese!"

Next week we will be developing our skills further by changing the end of the story and our talk homework for the weekend will give the children a head start with their ideas.Please discuss with your child how they think the story could end so they have some ideas for an alternative ending.

In maths we have been working hard on our numbers matching the numerals to words and the words to numerals within 20.The children have been given a statement and asked to reason if it is true or false and to explain why and also have been spotting mistakes in number sequences.We have sent out a letter about Sum Dog this week which explains how you can help your child to get to their appropriate questions.

Science this week has involved sorting materials by simple properties such as hard and soft, bumpy and smooth ect.The children next week will be asked to sort objects by there own criteria and explain there results.