This week we have been writing poetry based on the list poem 'The Brown Bear'.The children have looked at how a list sentence is punctuated with commas and the reason for this.They have chosen their own animal and generated adjectives to describe it using question prompts.They are now busy writing a list poem of their own using the adjectives they have generated in many cases independently.

We have been halving and quartering shapes in maths this week and the chidren have been considering problems such as 'Why can't you quarter a triangle?' They have carried out these tasks practically and made comments on their findings.Next week we will be halving and quartering quantities.

This half term we have been involved in an inter-school fitness programme called 'The Daily MIle' designed to improve general fitness levels.The children have been running laps of the MUGA and every Thursday we have counted the laps we have done and challenged ourselves to do more!! Good progress has been made by everyone!