This week each child has designed their own monster with special features.These features have been described by using adjectives in a list poem.The children's designs and poetry will be displayed in a class big book and they will share their poems with the class to celebrate the work they have produced.

Last week in science we labelled parts of the human body and discussed where you might find your ankle or elbow. You would be surprised where some children thought these body parts were located!We discussed any misconceptions and clarified where on the body you would find these parts.This week we are looking at which parts of the body link to our five senses and how we use them to make sense of the things around us.We will contemplate which sense is the most important and why.

Our 'Daily Mile' training is going well! Each Thursday we have been counting the number of laps the children run and logging these on a chart.The children have tried to beat their previous score each week and in most cases have suceeded in doing this.While we have witnessed a competative spirt among the childen, we have also seen them encouraging and supporting each other when someone has found it more difficult.