This week we have enjoyed learning all about cars and journeys.  

We changed 'The Train Ride' and wrote our own version called 'The Car Ride'. We enjoyed writing about things we would see on a car ride around Whitby. Please ask your child to retell you their story.

We also completed a car survey past our school. We were looking at different coloured cars that went past school in 10 minutes. An amazing 25 cars went past us and we were amazed that black was the most popular colour.

This week we got to look round Mrs Maud's car. We enjoyed looking at all the different features of a car. We got to see the car's engine, where the petrol goes and other features. We really enjoyed listening to the horn! We all agreed that next time we need to give Mrs Maud's car a wash!

Well done to Benjamin Newton and Marilyn Sell for getting our Stakesby Stars certificates.