This week we were all invited to bring in our favourite toy to share with our friends. We stood at the front of the class and told our friends all about what our toy was and why it was special. Our teachers were really pleased with how careful we all were with other children's toys. It's good to share! 

In maths the Wise Owls sorted their toys. They came up with their own criteria, such as if they move or not, if they use batteries or not. They even started looking at which 3-D shapes they matched! Well done Wise Owls. 

We have been continuing to take it in turns to make apple crumble. Its a great activity to do to strengthen our fingers and it also teaches us to take turns, listen and follow instructions. take a look at our photos to see us busy baking. 

We have all enjoyed stories to do with toys, and especially bears this week. We read Just like Jasper, This is The Bear and Newton and The Big Mess. Perhaps you have a story about a bear you could share at home this week? Also try this rhyme it's lots of fun....

Under teddy's sweater, under teddy's vest,

There's a little button, waiting to be be pressed!

Lift up teddy's sweater, take a lttle peek...

There's the little button...beep,beep,beep! (press their tummy button to make them giggle!)