This week, in Elm class, we have been practising our performing arts! If you attended either of our Harvest Festivals, you would have seen some wonderful speaking and acting during our part and, as part of our metacognition work, we have been learning how to juggle! Some of us are finding it easier than others and we are looking at ways in which we can help ourselves improve and keep a growth mindset as we refuse to give up!

We are still really enjoying our class book, Cosmic, and we are excited to see what Liam does next!

In maths we are still working on adding and subtracting, and learning how to solve problems and check our answers using the inverse operation.

We have had Forest Schools with Mrs Mason this week, where we have been using materials from the Reading Wood to create art masterpieces.

We have finally finished our Keynote space presentations in Computing where we had a presentation of them all. Mrs Gurney was very impressed! Look out for them on our website and Facebook page.

On Wednesday afternoon, we did some engineering work. See the images below to find out what we created.