We had a wonderful Christmas party this week. The children came to school looking gorgeous in their party clothes and brough biscuits, sweets, cakes and crisps to share with their friends...how kind!

In the school hall we played musical bumps, musical statues, Christmas stations and pass the parcel. All the children joined in and were happy for their friends when they won the games. 

Delicious snacks were shared out and a much needed drinks were given out before we finished with a bit more daning. It turns out Mrs Maud and Mrs Tacon are experts at the 'chu chu ah song' and Mr Gunning does a mean Conga!

We all had a wonderful time together, take a look at the photographs and see....

We hope you all have a wonderful time with your fanastic children over the Christams holidays and we look forrward to seeing you all again in the new year!