This week we have been talking about rain.  The children have learnt the story about Noah's Ark, and what happens when there is too much rain!

We have learnt a rap with actions to help us remember the story - why not ask your child to perform it for you!  We have also been learning to count in twos.

Outside we have been colour mixing using the large sweeping brushes.  We made good use of the puddles by mixing different coloured powdered paint in them. 

Wise Owls have also experienced some "bikeability" actitivites.  We have had enormous fun racing around the hall on the balance bikes learning how to ride safely. 

As we had snow on Thursday, we also talked about snow.  We had great fun working collaboratively to build a snowman. We didn't have any carrots for his nose, so Destiny very sensibly suggested that we use one from the snack table.