Half of Elm class have been out with Mr Bates this week trying out our new emergency shelter and the other half will go out next week. We had a great time with our Great Forest Bake-off, even if we did get a little muddy!

In maths, we have been continuing our learning in statistics by looking at line graphs and how to interpret the data they represent.

In english, we have been looking at letters written by real evacuees to their parents during World War 2. We are planning and writing our own letters as if we were evacuees sending our first letters home to our famillies with all our news. This ties in nicely with our topic work and we were fascinated to be able to examine a real identity card and ration book from 1943, brought in by Billy. A big thank you to Billy's gran for letting us have a look at them.

We are continuing our work on forces in science. We are looking at Sir Isaac Newton and the impact of his amazing discovery of gravity on the world of science at that time. We now also know why we measure force in newtons!

We have also been lucky enough to be able to go to Caedmon to enjoy a chemical reaction session with Mr Togwell in one of their very well-equipped labs.

What a week!