Although delighted to be back to our learning, our World War 2 History topic has taken a more sombre turn this week as we learn (in an age-appropriate way) about The Holocaust. We are respectfully learning about the events of The Holocaust and the lessons learned by it. Many of us have gone home and had conversations with our parents about it. 

Here we are painting propaganda posters and dressing up:

In maths, we are continuing our work with fractions, branching out to comparing and ordering decimals to 3 decimal places. We are also completing problem solving and reasoning activities using decimals.

We are learning about the life and teachings about the Dalai Lama this week and have even spent some time looking at the tweets on his Twitter account!

We had a fabulous session in Forest Schools this week where we made Troll Houses! We're wondering if anything is living in them.......

Finally, we have been playing the 'squirty game' in art. 

What a week! Phew!