We've been working on a war-themed piece of story writing this week and have watched the animation of 'Beyond the Lines' provoking much discussion and emotion. We are also watching Mister Tom alongside passages from the book. We are all really enjoying the film, Mrs Gurney especially!

In maths, we have been multiplying fractions. After a sharp intake of breath, we have found that we can do this no problem! We have been especially concentrating on multiplying whole numbers by fractions.

We are investigating air resistance in science. We've been designing parachutes for our Playmobil men and next week we will try them out on some eggs!

In ICT we are using the Code for Life website to practise our coding skills. We are using transferrable vocabulary to pick up strategies to work through the levels.

Today, we visited the Co-op with Beech class to complete some Fairtrade activities. We met Barbara who told us all about the Co-op's involment with Fairtrade products and the people who farm them. We looked at the prices of comparable products and found that Fairtrade items were quite often cheaper than their counterparts! Most of the Co-op's own brand items were Fairtrade. We all came home with a bag for life with a Fairtrade banana and chocolate inside. Huge thanks to the Co-op for their time!