We are very excited by our new literacy topic this week- The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We have been learning about the poem and understanding the vocabulary, themes and figurative language.

We have been maths detectives this week! Using our investigative skills, we have been employing a whole host of maths techniques to solve murder mysteries, costume thefts and shopping dilemmas!

In Science, we did a final test on our air resistance theories using eggs and our parachutes. We made a bit of a mess in the playground but it was all for a good cause! (Mrs Tillson cleaned it up!)

In computing, we have been learning about loops, loops with conditions attached and IF statements. Some of our parents joined us during Open Day for this lesson and were very impressed by the level of our knowledge!

Our RE lesson this week have seen us learning about metacognition, memory and ways to help us remember things. Mrs Tillson taught us a new method of memorising lists. Please ask us about the FLORA method!