The lovely weather has lifted everyone's mood in Elm class and we're starting the summer term with a spring in our step and raring to go! We've welcomed Miss Taylor and we're trying our best to impress her.

We're finishing up our work on The Highwayman in literacy so we're excited to find out our next topic! This week we've been scrutinising the text for clues to how we feel the highwayman might have looked in real-life. There have been some very interesting pictures!

In maths we have been working on percentages and their equivalents. We are now able to find a percentage of a number and figure out its decimal and fraction equivalent. We have also been working at greater depth with word problems and real-life senarios.

We have had our circle-time PHSCE session outside this week as the weather was so warm. We're hoping that this will continue!

In science we're learning about habitat and we've also enjoyed art and PE outside this week. 

In computing, we chose a website and evaluated the pages in it. We took a screenshot, printed and annotated it, then we talked about our pages with our friends and decided togther what would have made the pages or site even better. We're carrying on looking at the internet and web design in the coming weeks.

Here's hoping that the good weather continues!

Elm Class.