As another busy week draws to a close, we are already looking forward to exciting times in the coming weeks! We have surfing, sports day and a visit to the Tall Ships that are visiting Whitby, to look forward to.

In science, we have been looking at human development, this has tied in with our SRE learning. 

In literacy we have been composing our own explanation text. Miss Taylor is so pleased with our work, it is now on display in the classroom!

Composite and prime numbers have been our focus for problem solving and reasoning in maths this week. The properties of prime and composite numbers and whether 1 is a prime number or not, has been the subject of much lively debate in Elm class this week!

We had fun on our Y6 transition to Miss Robson this week where we tried code-cracking. Miss Robson said some of our children were very good at it! She's looking forward to working with us all in September. 

We will have some end-of-year assessments to complete in the coming weeks, but they won't affect our learning or our enthusiasm. Elm class are having a fab time at the moment!

Unfortunately, Mrs Gurney is very sad about our sunflower. It's really not doing very well and may not make it to the end of the competition. [sad face] Mr Gunning made some derisory comments about it in assembly today and everyone laughed. We have tried really hard to look after it, but it's lacking compared to the benign neglect dished out to the other classes' sunflowers who seem to have thrived on it! (Mrs Ventress thinks we've killed it with kindness!) We're not giving up yet though. Mrs Gurney is 'having faith!'

Brendan is our star of the week this week. Well done Brendan!