You won't believe what a busy week we have had this week in Elm class!

The NSPCC came in to talk to us about keeping ourselves safe, acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and how to report anything that might happen to us that we feel isn't ok.

We also had a very enjoyable puppet workshop where we acted out the story of Inaf and how she needed a friend. We all had one or two puppets each and acted out the story for Mrs Tillson and Mrs Gurney. We really enjoyed it!

We've chosen our Pupil Reps this week. These are two children from each class that represent us and put our class views across in their meetings. Well done to Connor and Ebony who are Elm class' new Pupil Reps!

We've also had our yearly individual Tempest photos this week. Mrs Gurney went along our line smoothing down any sticky-up hair. Please look in our books bags for the envelopes. We hope you like them!

The Book Fair is also on in school at the moment. We went, had a look and left the organisers a list of the books we'd really like them to stock next time they come. Lots of us want to buy some of the books. We love reading in Elm class, so we had a library session this week too. Mrs Tillson feels it's really important to nurture our love of reading.

In history, carrying on with our learning on Anglo-Saxon Kings, we learned about how Vikings attacked parts of England and were paid the Danegeld by King Ethelred to leave peacefully. It didn't work though, because they kept coming back! We looked at a poem by Rudyard Kipling called the Dane-Geld and acted in out in the hall in groups.

Viking Poems

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Elm Class' Star of the Week this week is Tom W. Well done Tom!

In maths, we have moved onto Roman Numerals. It's tricky trying to remember all the letters, but we're doing our best and making great progress. We'll move onto reasoning and problem solving activities next week.

In Literacy, we're starting a new book, 'There's a boy in the girls bathroom.' We're enthralled by the story so far and interested in our upcoming activities.

We're still doing P.E weekly. It's such an important part of our curriculum.

Space is still our topic and this week, we've created some chalk posters of the order of the planets from the sun, to display on our topic board. We're also managing to cover some science topics through it, too.

This week, we've kicked off our metacognition work by learning how to juggle! Mrs Tillson has bought us some proper balls and is teaching us to juggle first with two, then with three balls. Ask us to show you!

Thank for reading- Elm Class :))