Hello there!

Oak class have finished their swimming this week, but we're staying active in the form of gymnastics in PE.

We've finished off law and order in our Viking topic work by looking at the different types of punishments and the brutality of them. We've been very surprised by some of them! The Wergild was very interesting to us. We had a bit of a giggle whilst working out how much compensation a Viking would pay to an enemy whose teeth they knocked out!

In our Metacognition training, we've been learning to juggle for a few weeks now. We've been using this link here: and we're improving all the time.

Our work with Bradley and The Boy In The Girls' Bathroom continues with us writing a diary entry as if we were Bradley. We focused on how we thought we might feel if we were Bradley and tried to gain some insight into why he does and says the things he does. Then, we peer marked them, gaining great ideas and gathering other peoples' insights into the story.

In maths, we have been working on varied fluency activities in approximation and estimation. Our next steps next week are reasoning and problem solving activities.

Our star of the week was Ryan for always working so hard. Well done Ryan!