Hi there.

As predicted, our cinema trip was a big hit. We really enjoyed 'The man who invented Christmas' and as always, we were a polite and considerate audience.

In literacy, we have started work on Alma, the story of a young girl who alone, enters a shop full of dolls that intrigue her. We will report back as the story unfolds for us...... 


We have carried on our work on mountain ranges with Mrs Gurney in geography this week. We looked at continents where the mountain ranges with the highest peaks are and what colours they are on a map. We also learnt what a map legend is and how it helps us see how high and wide the mountains are.

In PE we worked on our reaction times with Mr Bates and played bench ball.

We have been fascinated to learn about time zones and why countries around the world are in different time zones after our learning about night and day last week. We have found this video very useful: 

Why don't you ask us about it?

Star of the Week

This week's Star of the Week is Riley. Well done Riley!