Lots of children in Elm class have attended a club this week. Cricket, Football, Bookworms and Homework club are some that we have attended. As well as lots of after-school clubs in our own time, we are a busy bunch!

The choir have been working with Mr Gunning a lot this week too. That involves a lot of children in Elm class. We have also been practising Christmas carols as a school.

In PE we have been practising our throwing with Mr Bates and playing dodgeball. We love a fast-paced game of dodgeball!

We are carrying on our literacy work with Alma and thinking about her thoughts and feelings. We have also been looking at expanded noun phrases in grammar.

In maths, we are working on our reasoning and problem solving skills with cube and squared numbers. This follows on from our work in multi-step problems as adding and subtracting square numbers has more than one step to it. We've also been using the inverse to find missing squared and cubed numbers.

We've been working on an independent project in computing this week. Using our new-found direction and positional skills, we are going to create a simple 'Maze Game' that a sprite can be directed around.

We're really interested in our geography work at the moment. We're looking at mountains with Mrs Gurney so we looked at mountain terminology and how we could apply it to different types of mountain ranges. We saw this video about Mount Roraima in Guyana and compared it to the other types of mountains that we've looked at so far.

We made photo frames in Forest Schools with Mrs Mason with sticks that we found in the Reading Wood. It was very wet and cold so we didn't stay out too long. We brought them back to the classroom to tie them together in the warm!

Some of us are painting Christmas baubles for the competition and to hang on our school tree. These need to be in by Monday 26th November.

Happy weekend! See you next week.

Elm Class.