Hi all,

This week in Beech, we have been exploring expanded noun phrases to help encourage imaginative, descriptive writing. We have used Traction Man to help us develop this, which in turn have lead to some super drawings of our own superheroes and exciting character descriptions. Next week, we will take this a step further to develop an arch enemy for our heroes!


In Maths, we have continued to develop our understanding of division as a means of sharing equally. We have continued to use apparatus to help us with this but also moved on to a number line. Next week, we will investigate how this links to multiplication.


Thank you for all the wooden spoons that you sent in. The children couldn't wait to get started on their puppets. Thankfully, we have made a start and we will complete these next week. Once completed, the children will be able to make up performances using them.


Enjoy the weekend and I will see you all bright and breezy Monday Morning.

Mrs Baker