Last week we looked at Nocturnal animals. We discovered which animals sleep in the day and come out at night.  We also found out interesting facts about these animals.

We were very lucky to have a visit from Alex Farmer from Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary, to talk to us about the nocturnal animals that she help.  She brought a very special visitor with her... a Hedgehog!!!  She was looking after the hedgehog until the spring, then she would release it back into the wild.  We all got to touch the hedgehog. It was very pricky!!


This week we are looking at shadows. Can you use you hands to make shadow puppets?


Last week the Wise Owls practiced adding and taking away using Numicon. This week we are tackling doubling!  Why not have a go at home?


Dont forget, Wise Owls........ Its Tricky Word Thursday this week !!!!