Our current phonics scheme is Essential Letters and Sounds. Pupils from Nursery to Year 2 are taught phonics daily. 

You can help your child to progress by practising their reading at home with the book they have been given. This aligns to the sounds and corresponding graphemes they have been learning at school.

Here is a video which demonstrates how to correctly pronounce all Phase 2 sounds

Here is a video which demonstrates how to correctly pronounce all Phase 3 sounds

We use Project X Hero Academy, Project X Alien Adventures, Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales, Oxford Reading Tree Word Sparks and Little Blending Books book series.

Once pupils have successfully completed the phonics programme, they will progress to reading our banded reading scheme books which further challenge them to learn new vocabulary and practise their comprehension skills.


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The Curriculum at Stakesby Primary Academy

Our curriculum is designed to develop pupils' enquiry. We want our pupils to have a life-long love of learning, with our curriculum giving them the tools, knowledge and understanding to explore the world around them independently as they grow.

We aim for our pupils to be well-prepared for the next stages in their education so we work hard to give them a secure grounding in basic skills, including reading, writing, spelling, grammar, secure mathematical understanding and confidence in the use of ICT. 

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of Stakesby pupils and serves to challenge them to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. At the centre of each half term’s work is a high quality text, chosen specifically to challenge pupils in terms of language and themes.

We also ensure Stakesby pupils are respectful and tolerant members of society, by developing an understanding of different beliefs and cultures; this is reflected in our spiritual, moral, social and cultural curriculum and is supported by our drivers of commitment, kindness and excellence.

Curriculum Overview 2022-2025

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For further information about the curriculum at Stakesby Primary Academy, contact Mr Jordan Nicholson (Vice Principal; Leader of Learning) or Miss Emma Robson (Principal)