17 November 2016

Week beginning 14th November

This week has seen the start of play rehearsals and already the children are beginning to know their lines! Well done to you all for practising with your child,  it makes such a difference due to the limited time we have in school and helps to make the children more confident in their…

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10 November 2016

Week beginning 7th November

On Friday 4th November we were very lucky to have a visit from Sara from explore Judaism UK. Each class had a workshop in which they learnt about an aspect of Judaism and our workshop was all about 'Shabbat'.The children sang in Hebrew and learnt the Shabbat greeting, dressing up and acting out…

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3 November 2016

Week beginning 31st October 2016

Welcome back everybody I hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday!!

This week the children have had great fun exploring the school grounds during 'forest schools'.They had to recreate a picture they were given using natural objects and look at the lines,colours and patterns.

We have also…

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20 October 2016

Week beginning 17th October

This week we had great fun making and eating pizza!!This enabled us to write a more detailed recount of a first hand experience.The children on this occasion were expected to write more extended sentences using the conjunction 'and' while using time connectives more independently.…

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12 October 2016

Week beginning 7th October

This week the children have continued to familiarise themselves with Numicon in a number of different ways.They built a number track to use for sequencing, used a feely bag to guess the number of the Numicon shape, played Numicon snakes and ladders.All these activities involved the children…

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6 October 2016

Week beginning 3rd October

This week Holly class have enjoyed an informative Autumn walk in the brilliant October sunshine to stimulate writing a recount, whilst also observing seasonal changes.Our super photographs recording our walk have enabled the children to sequence their experience orally using new time connectives…

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29 September 2016

Week beginning 26th September 2016

Our talk homework this week about the ending of 'The Enormous Turnip' has led to some fantastic talk partner work as we shared our ideas.These ideas included the turnip turning into a rocket and blasting to the moon and the old man winning a medal and trophy in a turnip growing competition.

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Image of Holly Class week beginning 19/9/2016
22 September 2016

Holly Class week beginning 19/9/2016

This week we have been thinking about the characters in the 'Enormous Turnip' through hot seating.The children took on the role of a character and changed the characters reaction when they were asked to help.Liam took on the role of the mouse and when he was asked to help by the cat he said


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13 September 2016

Holly Class w/b 12th September 2016

This week we have been reading the story of 'The Enormous Turnip' and rehearsing the sequence using talk for writing actions and adding some of our own ideas.We have also identified key events from the beginning ,middle and end of the story and written our own sentences about the different…

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